Bird Control

Birds can become a big problem for homes and business owners. Their droppings are not just unpleasant but unsanitary as well. A bird feces becomes conducive to a fungus type, which causes histoplasmosis lung infections with time. Bird nesting in structures leads a breeding ground for parasitic other pests like ticks and carpet beetles. The nests themselves lead to another issue, they can become an eyesore for customers, tenants, and your self. They can clog gutters, drains, and vents with their nesting material. Among all the bacteria their feces contain are: salmonella, Cryptococcus, toxoplasmosis, pigeon ornithosis, and encephalitis. Call 24/7 Wildlife Removal, we can help you control and get rid of your pest bird problems. We have the experience and knowledge to help you make this problem go away 866-544-5865. We deliver solutions!

Pest Bird Exclusion Service

Our bird removal specialists can aid you exclude all pest birds from buildings and other structures by sealing off all possible entry points and prevent all pest birds from roosting. Doing so prevents nesting and loafing, resulting in a great reduction in all pest bird damage. Bird barriers are used for the exclusion process.  24/7 Wildlife Removal uses electric shock fencing, bird spikes, wire or nylon bird netting and even bird repellents. Another successful Bird control Method we use at  24/7 Wildlife Removal is live bird trapping.

It is important you identify the type of bird causing all your pest problems. A proper pest bird problem control can then be implemented based on the identified Bird nuisance. The fecal droppings should be cleaned and sanitized. All damages should be repaired immediately and all should be done on a regular basis as problems occur. Call us now,  24/7 Wildlife Removal offers professional bird trapping, bird control, bird removal, pest bird droppings, and bird feathers services. 866-544-5865. We deliver solutions