Rodent Control

Getting rid of rats and mice can be difficult and requires a proven method and strategy to effectively control, get rid of them and keep them away. Rats, mice, and other rodents thrive in the New York metro area and cause damage to our attics and crawlspaces as well as carry diseases and parasites.  24/7 Wildlife Removal has the experience needed to completely and control and get rid of rodent problems. Give us a call now! 866-544-5865. We deliver Solutions.

Rodent Inspection

Finding all of the rodent's runways and entry points is the most important part of the process. It is crucial to successfully keep your home free of rats and mice and all rodents. Our trained pest control professionals perform a 30 point rodent inspection through out your home in order to identify all current and potential mice or rats entry points. 24/7 Wildlife Removal professionals will inspect the lower crawlspace, the attic, the roof, garage and the entire exterior perimeter for signs of rodent, rat or mice activity. We focus on finding all rodent entry points and a trapping system will be installed in the infested areas. Once we complete our inspection, Our Pest Control Professional will provide a rodent exclusion report and go over this report with you. Included in your report is a proposal for 24/7 Wildlife Removal to repair all of the entry points of your home. We will also hand you a detailed sanitation report, which addresses any rodent damage that has been done to insulation, air ducts, and your vapor barrier.

Your assigned  24/7 Wildlife Removal will guide you through the process while answering all of your questions, scheduling any additional work that needs to be done, and taking care of all of the details. When we perform exclusion services and the exclusion work is done, A 24/7 Wildlife Removal professional will return to check all of the repairs, and remove the traps and dead rodents, and ensure that no new entry points were created. Give 24/7 Wildlife Removal a call now, and schedule our Rodent Control Service. 866-544-5865. We deliver solutions.